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After my degree course in Photographic Arts, I specialised in wedding photography.   I enjoy using my knowledge, together with a calm, unobtrusive, intimate style to help you to feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.  


Film photography is luxurious partly because it is supremely flattering; meaning that you can concentrate on having fun and enjoying your day, knowing that you will look your best in my shots, while I create and capture your memories.  




Have you spent a long time planning those perfect details?


As well as the special moments from your day- the kiss, the laughter, the memories- I specialise in photographing pretty, elegant weddings where real thought has gone into making the day memorable.  Your occasion is a reflection of you both- and you are unique- so if you have spent time planning out every detail to reflect this, or hired a wedding planner to assist you- you can feel assured that I will not miss a single one of those details.  Not only that, I will appreciate them to their full extent, on camera, so you can treasure the memories of them for years to come.


I also swoon over wedding dresses- being a girl, I just cannot help it.  I will photograph your gown and accessories in a similarly swoon-like fashion.


Do you have concerns about having your photograph taken?


My first degree is in Fashion Promotion, which included fashion photography.  I have assisted some of the greatest fashion photographers working in the UK today, but what this means to you is much more important than that.  When you study fashion, you develop a true appreciation for the female figure in all of its beautiful forms, shapes and sizes.  This translates to my photography as I strive to show my female clients as the beautiful person that they are, by using intelligent lighting techniques, aware posing, and specific camera angles.  


I understand how you might be feeling self-conscious in front of my camera lens- a big part of how I work is concentrating on making you feel relaxed and comfortable.  




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Do you want to feel relaxed and excited about your wedding photography, knowing that you are in the safe hands of a well-qualified wedding photographer?