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I adore antique and vintage objects, furnishings and decor.  I grew up being dragged around car boot sales and antique stores by my slightly eccentric family, which has given me an appreciation of quality craftsmanship, and luxurious items, which are infused with history and personality.  My love for old pieces and technologies are partly why I love to photograph using film- not digital.  Film is the most beautiful way to capture your occasion perfectly in a way unrivalled by modern digital technology.  It creates images full of atmosphere and beauty.  My film cameras give you those timeless, precious, and rare photographs.


Are you seeking a wedding photographer to create timeless, precious images?

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I am a Mummy to two beautiful girls, Istria and Summer. I am working terrifically hard at building my business because I want to be an inspiration for them.  For you, this means that if there is anything that I can do to help you, if you let me know about it I will go out of my way to try to help.  I want my reputation and my business to grow, and I can only do that if you are happy.  


Does your dream photographer go the extra mile for you?

*Books - big beautiful art & design coffee table books, quirky literature, illustrated children's books are all favourites *blogs about decorating and home style *flea / antique markets *the art in Berlin *the food in New York City *the bustle and surprises of Tokyo *the romantic notions of Paris *writing endless lists *vanilla coffee *golden sparkle, turquoise blue *the rain against my window *dreams of owning horses, chickens, and a vegetable garden *toasted bagels with cream cheese *drinking tea in pretty cups wrapped in blankets in the garden *memories of living in Camden Town *picnics in parks *every single one of my 16 cameras *vintage dresses *anthroplogie *Ebay *my wonderful husband *the greatest story ever written *God *a hearty Italian meal with red wine * Zara *Croatia *Regency architecture *the Cotswold landscape *boutique and charming hotels *the work of Edward Hopper *Studio Ghibli *film *film *film * love *


* The Love List * The more you know about me, the more comfortable you will feel in front of my camera

Contact Me directly charliekbphotography@gmail.com

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