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Article; The Three Things You Must Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Photographer


I have been a photographer for over eight years, and during this time I have heard many complaints from couples about their wedding photographer and/ or their wedding photography.  As a photographer this is obviously heartbreaking to hear- I have thought so many times to myself 'Why, oh why, did you choose that photographer / that 'cheap' deal'.


If I get even the slightest hint that I might not be the right fit for a couple- whether that is in terms of style, what I offer, or whatever that might be, I will recommend them to a photographer who I believe will be a more suitable fit for their wedding.  That way, everyone is happy.


To help you try to find YOUR perfect photographer, I have written a list of tips below to think about when choosing your wedding photographer.  Hopefully this will help you to find your perfect match and result in beautiful photographs that you really will treasure.


1.  When thinking about your budget for your wedding photography, think about how much your dress and / or venue cost.  


Does that sound odd? Well, here is why.  Your dress and venue are worn for one day.  Your photographs will last, and be seen, for FOREVER!  If you opt for 'cheap' photography, generally, you will get 'cheap' photography, unless you are confident that you really like that photographer's style, and if they are running what seems to be like a genuine offer.  For example, my offer for couples getting married in the Cotswolds or having a rustic, personal, or vintage style wedding.  Otherwise, be wary of opting for the lowest price photographer.  Instead, opt for a photographer who seems in the same price bracket for your dress and your venue, if you can.  If you are opting for a luxurious venue, and a high-end designer gown, make sure your photographer, in a similar way, is not at the lowest end of the price spectrum.   Even if you aren't opting for the luxury venue and dress, I would still advise spending as much as your budget allows on your photography- remember, your dress will yellow over the years, and the venue will become a memory, but those photographs will be in your life always.


2.  Consider your personal style.


The chances are that you have put overwhelming thought into your big day, with lots of personal touches.  Find a photographer who reflects the style and detail that you have chosen.  For example, if you have spent a long time working with a planner to make sure all of your details are perfect, or even if just yourself you have spent hours reading style and wedding blogs and using Pinterest for inspiration, you probably do not want a photographer who just showcases huge, glossy, brightly lit images on their site.  Instead you might wish to opt for a photographer who captures initimate, natural images of just the two of you, and who does not fail to miss out on all of the little details you spent so long planning.


I am speaking from experience here- on our wedding day our cake was baked by a friend in the shape of a heart, and placed carefully on an old sewing machine table in a side room full of books and wooden details.  I had spent hours making tiny clay birds which were then fired and painted blue.  One of my my bridesmaids and various other family members spent ages making chains of tiny Japanese paper cranes.  The food was absolutely incredible.  Yet I don't have photographs of any of this.  


Some more examples; if you are having a breezy, dreamy beach-front destination wedding, you don't really need a photographer who specialises in lighting dark and gloomy indoor churches.  You want a photographer who LOVES destination weddings and does a great job at photographing them! If your most important consideration is looking and feeling your absolute best on camera, or the most luxurious form of photography, perhaps consider a film (not digital) photographer, or a photographer who uses both.


Basically, make sure you consider your personal style and taste, and your plans for your wedding day, and whether the photographers you are considering could reflect that in their work.   Have a look here at my gallery and see if my work suits your taste!


3.  Think about PASSION.


I know, another odd statement, but a true one.  When you look at a photographer's website, does their passion for their work really come across to you? The good photographers I know are all crazy about photography.  They read every photography book, they attend courses, they are always photographing their family, they put their own money with their mouth is and invest in equipment, techniques, and educating themselves, because for all of us, photography is a complete passion.  If you look at someones site and they have a blog, or a facebook page, which is constantly updated with content which isn't just 'work', but personal posts that really convey their passion, then you have found a photographer who is most likely to want to transfer their passion to all of their work, and so your special day.


Would you rather have someone who LOVED photography and constantly worked to improve their skills and talents, or would you rather have someone at your big day who saw your wedding as just another pay cheque? I know what I would want.  Look carefully through photographer's blogs, sites, and social media pages to see if you can really get a feel for them and their level of passion.



Well, I hope that helps you.  You can read the rest of my blog here, and my facebook page here.  If you have found this useful please do share, or leave a comment below.


Charlie x


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