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Engagement Photography- Why It Is As Important As Your Wedding Photography

pre- wedding photography by CKB Photography Cheltenham

A proposal itself is magical, and your engagement, leading on from that exhilarating moment, is a special and precious time before your wedding.


You feel more attached and connected than before.  The two of you are dreaming of a joint future, and are planning your wedding celebrations.   You will only ever have this time once in your life.  It is usually an easy, uncomplicated time, full of excitement and plans.  It is a time of creating memories- you will most likely share moments with friends and family, at celebratory engagement dinners, afternoons spent browsing bridal magazines with coffee and cake, choosing your supporting bridal party with love and care.  Together you discuss your decisions, make plans for your big day, and envision your future.  


This time really is precious, and deserves to be celebrated in photographs so that you can remember it just as much as your wedding day.  Usually your wedding day  and your wedding photography is a gorgeous whirlwind of people and places, but it is rarely just about the two of you- it involves all of your bridal party, friends, family, well-wishers, and those involved in making your wedding day dreams become reality.


An engagement shoot celebrates that time when it is just the two of you; it gives you a record of that special, precious time that occurs inbetween your proposal and your wedding day.  Never again will you have that time where it is just the two of you- before in-laws, children, work, and the day-to-day reality of a happy marriage.  


Capture this wonderful time in photographs and you will not only absolutely love the images, but you will have a permanent reminder of this time together.   to discuss your engagement session.

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